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Misguiding Islam.

Zakir Naik with his apparent eloquence tries to convince that Islam is the only religion rest others are delusional(not getting into this debate). I am not a fan of Zakir Naik neither do I hate him. I am critical to whatever he enunciates. I am sceptical about any claims that he makes. So let's begin with understanding the problems associated with the Zakir Naik addressing people about Islam. He claims that most of the people including Muslims hardly understand about Islam. So he is endeavouring to bring the right concept and an exact interpretation of Quranic verses. While he asserts about the ignorance and illegitimate followers of Islam most Muslim people love his way of address. He tries to bust the myth regarding Islam and asks people to go for the real or authentic version of Quran as there are many mala fide versions are available in the open market. Even non-Muslims are often impressed by the pretentious eloquence and knowledge about the world religions. So candidly he pu…