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Our criminality

When some girls are raped, sexually abused, physically exploited, and assaulted then only we realise the problem.

Rapes are not happening for the first time, as if the whole mankind was unaware of this crime. It seems, it has just come in recently and we are all against it.

Rapes were born with birth of culture. Rape, if you critically look at it, is very part of human culture it's just that we are identifying it now. We now condemn and criminalise rape that too only few forms of it.

However, I am not interested to talk about rapes. What I want to say is that there are crimes continuously happening in our society. I am more interested to look at the crime and our attitudes towards it.

If you see crime, then there are three people who are there at the crime spot. First, The criminal. Second, The Victim. Third, The others. Generally, when we speak of crime first two are always present but we append very less weightage to the third one, the others. Actually, this is the most significant aspect when we talk of "crime in society".

It's the others from where the criminals come, the victim comes. So, the whole process of crime in society begins from the Commons and ends up at the Commons.

I am interested in attitude of the Commons towards the crime. For example, we have seen so many movies that have rape/murder/crime scene and we cannot think over it.

A scene in which a girl is abducted by few men, obviously for gang rape, but from somewhere the hero enters and rescues the girl. The point we enjoy over here is the "heroism" of the actor/character but there something we miss out and that's the girl was abducted and she was abducted for RAPE. In our enjoyment we miss out the thing which is a burning social issue, our whole emotion concentrated in the thought that "someone" (hero) will come and save her. This is all we ever thought about such scenes. (I understand that that scene is important for plot, if it happens differently then the story will not work. I am just speaking outside of the plot and more concerned about the attitude of the viewer.)

We never thought of the other and stronger side of it. What if she is not rescued by a hero, it will firstly be a huge attack on our expectations. Why is the girl so poor that she needs a hero to protect her, I mean if one hero can fight with all villains why can't she alone do it.(that's why movies like gulaab gang, akira are attempting to change the situation of our thoughts). When the girl is abducted there is no one to help her(that's the bitter truth of society). In fact, there's no police or any such forces that ensure anyone's security. Overall, we only have the hero who can save her. In reality there are hardly any heroes roaming around to save anyone, but the rest of the situation is highly possible.

The point I want to make is that our expectation(all imaginary) to have a hero who will save her is more stronger than to think more possible and stronger solution about the situation which is so real. This is attitude we possess and we need some real rapes to happen and to realise that there's no hero in real life and we need to have provision for our security.

I just took rape as a sample crime. This is true for almost every crime. Our attitudes(the attitude of negligence and ignorance) create criminals and victims in society. Thinking beyond and critically about our situation will work.


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