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The girl who thinks and behaves like me

Everybody, if not, almost majority of them wish they could find a partner who is most similar to them. I have different thought. I don't expect to have a girl who thinks and acts like me. It's not required whether we share interests, likes, dislikes; it doesn't matter. The thing which want is that she must understand that everybody has the freedom to have any thought. Every person has his own way of thinking, acting, behaving. It's better if we both understand each other's feeling and embrace each other's thought despite disagreement.

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The demon-haunted world
science as a candle in the dark.
by Carl Sagan

reservation in india

Before making a strong suggestion against the provision for reservations based on caste, study the real india. See the realities at the ground level. Forget about past, look at your very neigbourhood, evils of casteism still persist. The one who cannot identify casteism, please study casteism and understand it(if you cannot experience it). While you study the nature of indian society, it's my request, don't let your bigotry creep in. Closely compare between your personal cost-benefit and societal cost benefit. When you will do all this you will find where indian society is stucked. Reservation is not holding back india but prejudicial and stereotypical thoughts/ideologies of society do. Reservation is not special to india, you will find similar policies of affirmative action across nations. Why it can't be on financial/economic criteria. I agree indians are facing all sorts of injustice. for economic injustice various policies and schemes are implemented. financial inclusi…