Our criminality

When some girls are raped, sexually abused, physically exploited, and assaulted then only we realise the problem. Rapes are not happening for the first time, as if the whole mankind was unaware of this crime. It seems, it has just come in recently and we are all against it. Rapes were born with birth of culture. Rape, if you critically look at it, is very part of human culture it's just that we are identifying it now. We now condemn and criminalise rape that too only few forms of it. However, I am not interested to talk about rapes. What I want to say is that there are crimes continuously happening in our society. I am more interested to look at the crime and our attitudes towards it. If you see crime, then there are three people who are there at the crime spot. First, The criminal. Second, The Victim. Third, The others. Generally, when we speak of crime first two are always present but we append very less weightage to the third one, the others. Actually, this is the most signific…

धर्म के साथ मज़ाक नहीं...

ऐसा कहते हैं मेरे दोस्त। मेरे दोस्त जो किसी का मज़ाक बनाने से पहले, कोई नियम तोड़ने से पहले कभी ये नहीं सोचते की दूसरों पर उनकी हरकतों का क्या प्रभाव पड़ेगा। वो क्यों चाहते हैं कि मैं उन्हें समझूँ, उनके बारे में खयाल करूं। उनका ये मानना की धर्म से ऊपर कोई नहीं और धर्म का मज़ाक नहीं बनाया जा सकता बिल्कुल ही गलत और बेतुका है। क्योंकि जिस मॉडर्न लाइफस्टाइल में जीने का वो दावा करते हैं वो कभी न कभी किसी स्तर पर धर्म और संस्कृति को चुनौती दे कर ही इस अवस्था पर आया है।हर विचार की आलोचना की जा सकती, सबको आज़ादी है। जब हम समाज, राजनीति, विज्ञान, आदि के मुद्दों पर सवाल खड़े कर सकते हैं तो धर्म पर क्यों नहीं। अगर कोई धर्म को सवाल नहीं करना चाहता तो सिर्फ एक बेवकूफ इंसान है।

Scientific Democracy

Various issues of politics are derived from science. Issues that are directly related to the field of science. In today's scenario, politicians pick up the issues like nuclear research, environment, biotechnology, etc, which are the full time subjects of science, and try to politicize them. For personal benefits, they go against the welfare of public and scientific community. Rather, I think all this decision should be in the hands of a powerful yet responsible scientific community. A strong scientific democratic community has to be there so that issues won't be politicized anymore and science won't get in the hands of irrational buddies. 
Right from the bombs, artillery, weapons of mass destruction, they are produced in the labs of science but governments of the world have politicized them, proliferated its use against each other. They are also responsible for the rise of terrorism, which is empowered by the inventions of science. It's the high time that scientific com…

Not citizens but Goverments fight

It is conspicuous truth, perceptible everywhere, that we hate each other so much. In truth, Not we but our govts fight. They represent our nation internationally and their personal ego clash manifest into a conflict between nations, language, culture, people,etc.

143 Race Between Law and Crime

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The girl who thinks and behaves like me

Everybody, if not, almost majority of them wish they could find a partner who is most similar to them. I have different thought. I don't expect to have a girl who thinks and acts like me. It's not required whether we share interests, likes, dislikes; it doesn't matter. The thing which want is that she must understand that everybody has the freedom to have any thought. Every person has his own way of thinking, acting, behaving. It's better if we both understand each other's feeling and embrace each other's thought despite disagreement.

Beauty of Science.

Science takes pride in saying "I don't know." with a zest to know. When it knows, becomes humble.-Nikhil Tandon

An intellectual should never marry.

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The demon-haunted world
science as a candle in the dark.
by Carl Sagan

reservation in india

Before making a strong suggestion against the provision for reservations based on caste, study the real india. See the realities at the ground level. Forget about past, look at your very neigbourhood, evils of casteism still persist. The one who cannot identify casteism, please study casteism and understand it(if you cannot experience it). While you study the nature of indian society, it's my request, don't let your bigotry creep in. Closely compare between your personal cost-benefit and societal cost benefit. When you will do all this you will find where indian society is stucked. Reservation is not holding back india but prejudicial and stereotypical thoughts/ideologies of society do. Reservation is not special to india, you will find similar policies of affirmative action across nations. Why it can't be on financial/economic criteria. I agree indians are facing all sorts of injustice. for economic injustice various policies and schemes are implemented. financial inclusi…

God is not a rare thing.

God isn't a rare concept. It is a well known and widely accepted concept. A concept which is so popular among masses, it is required that it must be easily testifiable.

Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you

something has sense in it because we try to seek some meaning in it. The mighty universe or the mother nature is under no obligation to make sense to you. These are random stuff then. No they are the outcome of systematic and lawful actions. If you find a sense you call it a system, if not it's random.

Nothing's above criticism

Science is above all still it stands below criticism. Nothing in the world can escape from criticism


Somewhere in-between the mediocrities lies the excellence.


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beauty (imcomplete)

Beauty is engineering.
I define beauty as something real, what exists to be real and cease to exist after a point of time. The beauty is the play of space-time with some subsidiary thoughts in it.
Effective, efficient, economic.
30/12/2016 ek vastavik dincharya ke beech mein ek kalatmak baat chhippi hui hai. main use hi khoobsoorat kehta hu.


the origin of the universe is just a perception or has some real thing how can we define reality? does science needs a perspective or its perceptionless entity and ground on truly objective base that is in no way subjective by any creature of the universe. like im de alembert's principle.


I'm boring and you're beautiful

It was just like any other day. Boring and exhausting. I never knew that I'm gonna come across you. You were beautiful, I was boring. What could have caused us to connect? Fate. No, it's not the fate atleast. It was our utmost desire which allowed us to feel the need of each other. We are together because of the bond of need. I am boring, I need beauty. You are beauty, you need not to be boring but be intellectual that I am.

Sick of motivators

It's trending now a days to see motivational gurus every where. How much weak and dependent one has become that he/she needs a baba to get motivated. The irony is that the most educated people follow despite from a educational background. I see motivational babas as nothing but the technical and modern of traditional babas. There's nothing wrong to motivate someone who really need it.

Limitless and non-violent.

Going beyond the limits and still being non-violent is something that I endeavour for. Before entering into a qualified and graded discussion. Lets understand what is

This is my rough blog. to be edited

just like we use rough notebooks for doing rough jobs. same way this my rough blog. without edited, out spoken and thoughtful. we all first prepare a rough draft before we could prepare a fair draft. so this my rough draft blog. if there are any mistakes tell me as well as ignore it. I will keep in mind when i do the edit. sometimes it's good to make mistakes intentionally but the space chosen for it should be strictly private to oneself. the consequence should affect only ther person and no one else.

How much is enough? INCOMPLETE (to be edited)

To being with, I would like to say an old saying, " Ati Sarvatra Varjatey ". It's in sanskrit which means "Excess of anything is forbidden".
By sheer common sense we can say that it's true in all cases. A requisite amount is preferred may that be called as Adequate amount or the amount just sufficient to fulfill the requisite. For an instance, if we consume less than require we'll fall sick, unhealthy. Again, if we eat too much then it's not good for our health. For this we choose an optimum value, which is best proportion for input and output. If we choose any less or more input we are going to have less productivity.This was all done if you have an optimal value for something that can be calculated. But the question arises when subject is ideology, that is no physical thing. People today are tending towards ideological extremism in almost every arena and this has led every moment to become a revolutionary moment. No one knows which action is going…

Being Naked [TO BE EDITED]

Naked=nude or without any cover.There's a deep philosophy in being naked. Here being naked has a twofold meaning one is literal and another metaphorical. Being naked literally means being physically nude or without anyclothes. When philosophically speaking naked means without any pretentions, utter truth. Our birthday suit is what is call our natural/true suit is nothing but being nude. It's good to be naked. We only need clothes to keep ourselves safe from extreme climatic condition, but when everything's fine one should go naked. There are many benefits of being naked. But due to our social set up we are not able to live the way we should. Being naked lets you love your body, of whatever shape size it has you'll accept it once you accept the bare truth. Now many have doubt, how to go naked. Be naked as much time as possible. If not in society, office, one can go nude in home/bedroom. One should not wear anything if he's at home. At least there your body will feel…

How to think and question?

In order to be a good thinker, one requires to set a principal ground on which he is going to set all his thoughts and project his ideas.
It's very important for any thinker to learn the art of questioning. Most of the questions we come across are invalid. So, the validity of question is more important than just finding an answer to it. For example, who created this universe? If you think that this question has some weight and hence begin to ponder over it, then I must say, You're are wrong. This question is fundamentally wrong and can be regarded as invalid. Here we assume that universe is created in the first place, which is not true. Well it may or may not be true. The question, now, can be rephrased as If this universe is a creation, then who is its creator? or if you intend to know how it came into existence, then What's the cause of the origin or universe? or What caused the existence of universe? In all case we tend to question the cause, which makes a complete sen…

I am not just atheist, I am much more than that. [TO BE EDITED]

It is very difficult to convice anybody about your beliefs that first seems to atheist. Actually, atheist means nothing but has a deeper meaning for any individual atheist. All have not the same reason and justification for their thought mechanism(rather than belief system).I am not just atheist, I am much more than that. I am a naturalist, objectivist, philosopher, thinker, writer, ambivert, rationalist, science enthusiast, Lover of science & nature. But all these makes no point beacuse these makes no sense to a theist who demands others to a theist(not necessarily of his same religion) so that they can fight among themselves to prove who's better. I am a naturalist as far as my belief is concerned. I know that there's nothing supernatural in this world. Even if anything evolves to become a superthing still that will be within the limits of nature. If god has no creator then universe too has no creator. In ancient hindu philosophies Universe was personified as god to make…

what it means to be an educated(to be edited)

Putting it on few pointsActivity, sensibility, sensitivity, rationale, humane. These are the 5 traits that determines any person to be known as educated person. If any of these traits is missing then it would be quite difficult for any person to be called as an educated being. There's a common misconception about being qualified and being educated. Being qualified simply means have the minimum abiliy to perform(in a provided domain). But education is process of cultivating our mind. It can also be regarded as the process revival of human mind, cleansing of unnecessary things, and restoring mind to think and act rationally. Education is not mere a collection of knowledge but development of wisdom within, however gained  knowledge helps it achieve it. In educating ourselves we just don't dip into the world of knowledge but in the world of thoughts that emanate from every single fact we know. How to think becomes more important than what is known. So education is much more than w…

Your negative is positive for me. (to be edited)

people often critise about whatever they come across. whether it's culture, language, food habits, moral conduct, behaviour, etc. Everything is prone to criticism. the fact that they don't assess themselves how well and free from criticism they are. Well it's not my subject to discuss about their problems but extracting a profitable instance from it. All issues that seems negative has a positive side too. But what were the chances that we remained neutral and didn't react to what we had heard just then? Very less. If we listen the same thing observe it properly and try fitting it into different contexts. I'm sure, that same will appear to be negative in one and positive in other. This looks quite good, but difficult to achieve as we often tend to react rather than deliberately understanding the whole thing and respond in accord. I have an instance that will make everything clear.

How you prove your contary. (to be edited)

It's very lovable and funny at the same time when people take a contrary postion and rather justifying their own position they keep justifying their contrary.Around 2-3 days back I was dicussing about "some phenomenon" with my friend. With further our dicussion led to arguement, we chose different position (however it wasn't counter arguments). When I initiated to put my arguments, inbetwee

comforting lies

every organism tries to track the system of causality. they keep an explanation of every effects they are experiencing regardless of degree of truth associated with it. now we human are also an organism that try to seek explanation. just that we seek an explanation doesn't define our rationality but it's one reason of our rationality. we need an explanation for our own satisfaction and comfort as we have always been doing this to counter nature and safegaurd ourself it is nothing just a feature that has caused our sustainance in changing worlds. now we question things and we need an explanation, it doesn't matter whether it's really an answer to the question posed. it proves that human ponder over the implanted doubts and don't really endeavour to get the answer. I have an instance to support my arguement. how this universe was create or made? who made it? if we  sincerely had the affinity to know its answer we would go for investigation but what we did was we acce…

I am a thinker

I am thinker and I am under no obligation to follow any subject. I am free to question anything and pose any hypothetical circumstance to make an argument and sense out of it. The analogy that I bring forward to explain my thought must be understood. What's moral for you is not moral for me or vice versa

Main ek naastik hu

Ek samasya khadi ho uthti hai jab main kisi dharmik vyaktu ke saamne unhe ye batata hu ki main ek naastik hu. par isse kya koi fark padta hai ya kisi bhi prakar ka fark padna chahiye. nahi. aaiye dekhte hain kyu

Thus spoke amigo

it was 15-jun-2016 when we enjoyed with my friends and one of friend had some resentful emotions against me. i am sharing it today. He just didn't like what I used to say about his religion (which was mine too). He had a deep impact and thus he formed a negative image of me. Now the situation was so critical that even if I said the most convincing fact seemed doubtful to him. I was unware of what's going in his mind but gradually I managed to understand his situation and form his case. I can mentiom few things which he told that day.

They ask me: Why are you an atheist?

I am actually no theist. That simply makes me an atheist. There are many reason I can enumerate but does that really matters. I think, no. As we don't ask anyone like why are you a christian or a moslem or a hindu etc. but why is that for an atheist? Does any of the arguments is really important for the person asking question. If yes, then I am ready to reason why I came to the default position of atheism. My only condition to share is that if you could rationally verify my arguments then read it otherwise close this blog and browse another page.